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Sports Therapist and Athletics Trainer working with top level athletes, including Olympic Champions (R.Korzeniowski, K.Skolimowska, Sz.Ziolkowski, J. Kowalczyk, A. Wlodarczyk) and World Champions (P.Malachowski) and many other Olympic, World and European Championships medalists and record holders.

I have been working with athletes of multiple disciplines, individuals, club teams, and national teams of Poland, France, Tunisia, and Qatar. In 2013-2016, he worked with Christophe Lemaitre, a French sprinter who ran under 10 seconds for 100m as the first non-Afro-American, who won a bronze medal for 200m at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. His athletes won a total of 19 medals at top international competitions.


An internationally recognized teacher who teaches all levels of Watsu therapy, Myofascial Release in Water, Watsu for Athletes and Strategy for Sports Recovery. Former Anatomy Trains Associated Teacher.

He is the author of a number of articles in several journals and three book chapters. He was a lecturer and presenter at the following conferences: 2nd South African Sports Medicine Congress, Johannesburg (2010), Fascia in Sports Medicine in Ulm (2013, 2017), 4th Fascia Research Congress, Washington (2015), British Fascia Symposium, Worcester (2016), International Water Conference, St. Petersburg (2016, 2017), Low Back Pain Congress, Singapore (2016), Antwerp (2019). 

Writes his doctoral thesis about the structure of the water-immersed body. Tomasz was the founder and President of the Aquatic Therapy Development Association (2008-2020) and the co-founder and vice-President of the Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association (2016-2020).

In his practice, he combines manual and movement work with a holistic approach to the client. He often goes to the water with his clients for both: to see more and to work effortlessly.

Tomasz Zagorski

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