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to become a MRW® Practitioner?





To ensure the high quality of the work, the Myofascial Release in Water Practitioner Certification process includes several levels of in-class training, self-study and practice, as well as a final exam. Specific MRW training is a minimum of 100 hours.


In addition, we require certification in recognized land or water bodywork as a prerequisite. Every case is different and we support every student. Contact us, tell us about your background, and we will advise you on the optimal learning path.





Different kinds of therapists can benefit from MRW by extending their practice with new tools. Structural Integrators, Rolfers, Osteopaths, Manual Therapists, Massage Therapists, Movement Practitioners, Yoga and Pilates Teachers, as well as Aquatic Therapists, Aqua Fitness Instructors, can offer their clients not only a new service but also a new dimension of therapy.

Besides strict contraindications for warm water immersion and manual therapy as well as for movement, a wide range of populations can use MRW to improve their conditions and everyday life. Especially orthopedics and neurologic patients, as well as athletes who want to improve their performance or speed up recovery after injury. 



of certification


MRW Basic - 25 hours (2,5 days)

MRW - Passive Techniques - 25 hours (2,5 days)

MRW - Active Techniques - 25 hours (2,5 days)

Self-study and practice - 25 hours

Supervision and exam - 2-5 hours

Certificate in other, recognized land or water work

MRW Basic, Passive and Active courses can be replaced with 5 days, 50 hours of MRW Intense and followed by 2,5 days of MRW Integration.


Myofascial Release in Water




of workshops


Myofascial Release in Water Basic - 25 hours (2,5 days)

New dates for 2023 will be announced soon.

In this workshop you will learn correct support for the body in water in different supported and open positions, as well as optimal therapists body mechanics in the water and the water itself for effective treatment. You will learn the rules of postural assessment on land and water, as well as how to create a treatment strategy. You will learn how to promote relaxation response in order to see fascial patterns in the body. And you will learn several myofascial release techniques for most significant patterns.

Myofascial Release in Water - Passive Techniques - 25 hours (2,5 days)

This workshop is aimed at teaching you a number of myofascial release techniques applied in supported and open positions without engagement of any work from the client. We use relaxation response to asses the patterns hidden by gravity and use the whole body picture to create the treatment strategy. 

Myofascial Release in Water - Active Techniques - 25 hours (2,5 days)

In this workshop you will learn active myofascial release techniques, with engagement of client`s work, water resistance and currency as well as various tools. This workshop will give you some practical tips preparing you to everyday work with your clients: marketing tools, ethics code, self development guideline.

Myofascial Release in Water Intense - 50 hours (5 days)

12 - 16 June 2023, Grimisuat, Switzerland

26 - 30 July, Dobrociesz, Poland (in Polish)

In this workshop you will learn passive and active myofascial release techniques in water as well as the introductionary material. We recommend this workshop for people who have some background and experience in aquatic bodywork.

For info, class sig-up for students and if you want to organize a class, drop me a message at:

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